Create Asterisk extension to be used by goip

Set strong password for extension

Create Trunk for Goip with following settings:-


Dial Plan:

X. (accept anything from outbound rules)



Trunk Name:  goip

PEER Details:

username=goip (can be anything, doesn’t really matter)



port=5060 (This is optional unless changed from 5060 but must be same as set in “Advance settings” in GOIP. If multiple goip used, each should have separate port)



host= (Static IP address assigned in GOIP)





User Context 0412XXXXXX

User Details:

username=goip (same as above)


port=5060 (same as above)







I have found that this section (User Details) is not really necessary, all can be omitted as long as “User Context” is set and it will still work.


Register String : (Not Necessary)


Much valuable information about setting up and securing Elastix can be found here :






Lan Port : set to Static IP

IP Address : same IP address used in Asterisk Trunk setup

Default Route : Modem IP address

Primary DNS : is opendns. You can use this or the modem ip or your ISP DNS


Endpoint Type : SIP Phone

Config Mode : Single Server Mode

Phone Number : This MUST be Asterisk extension number

Display Name : can be anything

SIP Proxy : MUST be Asterisk server IP address

SIP Register Server : MUST be Asterisk server IP address

Authentication ID : MUST be asterisk extension number

Password : MUST be asterisk extension password

Call forward type : should be “Not Forward” otherwise incoming calls will go to “Call Forward Number”


Ensure “Local Signaling Port” under  Advanced Settings” is set to same port as asterisk trunk if this was changed in Asterisk

Ensure “RTP Port range is consistent with your Asterisk setup (default asterisk is 10000 to 20000)

Set Audio Codec Preference and order to suit your setup



Forward to PSTN : enabled

Forward Number : This is where the call will go if an internal asterisk caller rings the extension number. I have it going to my mobile number.

Forward to Voip : enabled

Forward Number : this is where incoming calls to the goip mobile number will go. This can be an asterisk extension or a call group. I have it going to call group 6XX

Set CID Forward Mode to “Use CID as SIP Caller ID” if you want caller ID passed to Asterisk. If you enter something in “CID Prefix”, this will appear with caller ID in asterisk log.


Save changes




If all is operating correctly, Line Status should show “Login” and GSM Status should show “Login”. If not, try reboot goip. I have also found the settings don’t always take in Firefox. It is safer to use IE to do setup.



Only the items referred to above are necessary to get goip working. If I have not mentioned a setup option, the default settings should be adequate.


With this setup Goip will do three things:-


-                      External call to Goip mobile number will ring Asterisk extension or ring group set at “Forward Number (PSTN to Voip)”

-                      Internal call to Goip extension number will forward call to number set at “Forward Number (Voip to PSTN)” using Goip sim.

-                      Asterisk call using Goip Trunk will dial number using GOIP sim.




All of the above represents a setup that works for me. It is not a definitive guide and I  make no guarantee that it will work for you. Your Asterisk setup may require different settings.


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